Be Aware! Insecticides Are Poisonous to Human Beings!! Part II

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 Not only human beings but even birds, fish and insects that are helpful for our agriculture and bees also become a victim to the effects of insecticides.

 Every one of us may be careful while handling insecticides but still in spite of all the safety measures, beyond our control and without our knowledge, the effects of insecticides are taking place in our body. Already insects’ killers are present in more than required measure in water, food, milk and meat. The only thing is that we can not see the effects of insecticides with our eyes. 

 As a result, in what way can we help ourselves from the ill effects of these insecticides and pesticides? It will only be better for us if we stop using mosquito repellents and insect repellents at home immediately. And also if we keep our house and our surroundings clean, airy and ventilated a lot of insects will not ever dare come inside our house! And above all the best way to get out of the effects of insecticides is to turn to Mother Nature and live in harmony with our great good Mother Nature! I think every one will agreed with me on this point.


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