Be Aware! Insecticides Are Poisonous to Human Beings!! Part I

In our day to day life we use different types of insecticides or pesticides and a lot of people are under the impression that insecticides or pesticides take the life of insects only and are safe and sound to human beings. But in reality insecticides affects each and every living organism on this planet. In addition to fields and gardens, we make use of insecticides like mosquito repellent, cockroach repellent and rat poison at home as well in our daily walk of life.

The World Health Organization has already warned on the subject of the effects of these insecticides and pesticides. It is said that every year two lakh people are losing their lives as a result of the ill effects of insecticides. It has also said that daily a whopping 68,000 people (annually 2.5crore) people are affected by insecticides.

 And shockingly, as per the conclusions of the lot of researches that are being conducted every now and then, it has been proved that Indians have the maximum amount of ‘organo chlorine’ type of insecticides in their bodies. Insecticides are said to intrude the fatty tissues of all the living organisms and we can see the left over of this in air, water and soil.

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