Israel And Islamic Terrorism

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Israel came into existance in 1948 by a mandate from the United nations. After the end of the Second World War when nearly 6 million jews were sent to the nether world by the Nazis, a general feeling was there that the Jews must be given a homeland in their ancient habitat. Thus Palestine was divided and a jewish state came into being.This was the same area where the ancient Jewish kingdoms had existed.

The state of Israel right from its inception faced innumerable hurdles.A fringe of militant Arabs attacked the newly formed state in 1948 and were badly defeated. In subsequent wars the Arabs failed a number of times.Despite advanced weaponry from the Soviet Union the Arabs suffered crushing defeats.This was in 1967 and 73.

However now that over 60 years have elapsed after the creation of Israel the situation is still volatile. Most of the Arab states like Syria, Iraq, and Iran have not reconciled to a Jewish state.Considering that the state of Israel occupies hardly 8% of the total area of the Arab world, there is still talk of pernicious comments like ‘world Jewery’, Zionist expansionism ‘ and the like. The Arabs, worse have tried to make it a religious conflict and repeatedly invoke Islam as a rallying point.

It is worth examining what the Arabs are seeking.They are seeking a destruction of the Israeli state and denial of the UN mandate that created Israel.This cannot be acceptable to the world at large. Unfortunately having been repeatedly defeated on the battlefield the Arabs have for the past decades resorted to terrorism to achieve their aim.Thus a string of terrorist attacks on Israelis and their supporters have been carried out all over the matters little to these champions for the right of Islamic Palestines that Islam does not condone acts of terrorism.But right from the time of the Munich Olympics when 6 Israeli Athletes were taken hostage, the Islamic terrorists have made this a vocation.

The Israeli state is at the recieving end with rocket attacks on settlements by the militant group Hamas, which takes pride in its terrorist attackes. In such a scenerio it is incumbent on the state of Israel to guard against these attacks.Thus despite some noises by the pro Arab lobby, the Israeli attacks in retaliation are justified to an extant. But a lasting solution to the middle east crisis is a must.For that some element of give and take is a must.But the corner stone of the acceptance of a Jewish state is cardinal to this. Let us hope sanity will prevail and peace will be ushered in the Middle East


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