Chlamydia – How Modern Technology Has Been Successfully Ending Relapses!

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What is Chlamydiasis?

Chlamydiasis is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. It can also be transmitted from mother to child during vaginal birth. It is among the most commonly occurring STDs, and is notorious for producing relapses. It is possible for a person to be infected with the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria and show no signs and symptoms. Such a person may still transmit the virus to sexual partners. The most common symptoms of Chlamydia include genital inflammation, vaginal / penile / rectal discharge, burning during urination and fever. The Chlamydia trachomatic bacteria can also cause infections of the eye. If left untreated, Chlamydia could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.
Treatment Options for Chlamydia

Antibiotics (Allopathic Medicine)
Chlamydiasis is usually treated with antibiotics like tetracycline, azithromycin or erythromycin. Administering antibiotics in the early stages of infection is often effective. However, early diagnosis is not always possible, if symptoms are not present in the initial stages.

Chlamydia is known to be a recurring problem. This is because the bacterium has an uncanny ability to produce antibiotic-resistant strains.

Ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine (Natural Medicine)

Ayurveda has centuries old alkalizing and cooling herbal medicines like Chandani tablet and Sarivadi tablet, which effectively relieve symptoms of chlamydiasis like pain and burning during urinating.
Nosode Technology – Vaccine-Principle (Homeopathic Medicine)
Nosode technology has been meeting with tremendous success with ending relapses of chlamydiasis. It administers the body with Homeopathic Nosodes – energetic imprints of the bacteria that cause Chlamydiasis, on a vaccine-like principle. The body’s immune system is thus coaxed into producing antibodies to defend the body against future attacks.

New Trends in Natural Medicine – Combining the Best of Ayurveda and Biotechnology

Today, there is a growing trend of combining different natural medicinal systems to offer a complete solution. Taking Chlamydia as a case in point, great naturopathic minds have been combining the benefits of advanced Homeopathic Nosode technology with ancient Ayurvedic medicine. The result? – Quick symptomatic relief combined with an immune system that is equipped to tackle future threats of Chlamydia infection!

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