Persona 3 Portable

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Have you played persona 3 on the PS2 before? If so, there is not much need for introduction. But if you have more, I’ll definitely suggest playing it before playing the PS2 port. Persona 3 Portable contains much more when compared to the original, though it pales in comparison with expanded persona 3 Fes edition.

Taking a few ideas here and there, the producers gave the player the option to select their gender opponent, either male or female. Heck, that pretty new to Shin Megami Tensei under: personality series. This is not the end, if the user picks the woman path, they must be offered the opportunity to change some results, and given the opportunity to experience certain events from another point of view! Plus, there are quite a few various S-Link for the female protagonist (eg going out with Akihiko, Junpei hanging out and playing sports in Rio!) The juggle instead of the men’s competition.

Although the male protagonist is not too far off, with added features and events here and there, you can find it in the big play through once more only to find the difference.

Both in persona 3, except this time, with extended features seen in persona 4 in terms of combat and S-link/Commu. Like the manual issued command allies in combat, refined “one more” system where the allies would get up in the same turn rather than wasting another turn just to get up and the S- link / Commu system, where the level of your S-link/Commu your allies affect their actions in combat (for example, helping you to get up when you get knocked down).

Secondly, they simplified the S-link/Commu leveling up to notice that the character 4. So now you do not have to wait for long and boring messages to finish with leveling up your S-Link/Commu. It is much faster and easier now.

Not really expect a lot from the graphics here. The producer is really to work on PSP hardware restraints of the mind as well as the idea of space limitations UMD’s mind too. So, resorting to a more simplified 2D overview of the system seen to personify Portable and simulation as a dating system in terms of character interaction. However, for those concerned about dungeon crawling is still in 3D, the rest not sure, it is still a 3D environment in prison.

Added another similarity in character 3, not much difference from the original. Even jail terms of control, it is still the same old controls. Circle in the attack, analog direction to move around. Even with the added effect of the Square button like P4 to quickly move about from once place to another place (Eg classroom World Map).

Hmm, P3P’s gameplay is a mixture of P3 and P4, compensating for each other’s flaws. Although this time round, do S-Link/Commu played a pretty big role. That could affect the outcome of some events when you are playing the female route.

Like the original, you play as an average student transfers, experiencing what they called as the dark hours, thus unlocking the ability to call the power of personality. Eventually you’ll join a team that specializes in getting called Shadow Monsters as well as their “Bosses” while climbing a tower called Tartarus that appears during the Dark Hour. Eventually they’ll bump into new allies and enemies (While missing some of the way) and fight the Final Boss called Nyx at the top of the Tower.

Well, the female protagonist, the events and attitudes of certain characters are different. What persona 3 on the PS2 did was, to give us a male protagonist’s point of view. With the events of how he first summoned his persona, how he spent his time with people around him, and how each and every event helped shape him to who he is. I’m not saying the female protagonist has a completely different ends or storyline, but, he too has a slightly different story to tell us. And how he managed to divert some events off it was originally intended course.

So inorder to get a full experience of the game, I suggest having played the same sex just to get a full understanding of what is happening. I will not break down there, but “It takes two hands to clap.

For those who played the original on PS2, this is an expanded port, the less fancy graphics. It is still worth the time, especially if you want to see things from a different perspective. Besides, playing as a male protagonist in the original nets you only half the fun, why not experience the other half when you can play as a female opponent too?


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