Cheap Cheats For an Affordable Baby.

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Okay most mums out there I expect have been in my shoes before. You’re on a high as you announce to the world that you are pregnant. Friends and family are excited the patter of feet will be here soon. Hooray what fun and joy to be had. Then crash, emotions are brought back down to earth as the question suddenly hits you: how do I afford it?

Save of course! In nine months of course you think you can save the pennies for a nice wedge of cash when the baby arrives…. Wrong! It just never works like that does it? What little you do manage to save  goes on the  baby books, mags and anti strech mark creams (which don’t work, well theydidn’t for me) while pregnant. So here’s what I found helpful to make preparations cheaper:

Every week in your area people are flogging so much baby stuff it’s hard to imagine until you look at the classified adverts in the local papers. A lot of the items are hardly used, 99% of the time clean and washed (even though you will probably still do as I do and wash them before baby uses items for peace of mind).They are by far the cheapest way to prepare for your knew bundle of joy.Car boot sales are also great and good exercise with fresh air too!

I have a small flat and the nursery isn’t a great size so storage was essentail to think of while planning our baby’s room. The best idea to me was a changing table with shelves underneath, the price of this brand new was at least over a hundred pounds. So i began searching and found a solid oak three shelf changing unit for twenty pounds. Quick on the phone I arranged to view, and brought it as was imaculate. Not a scracth on it! The lady also threw in a baby bath, baby carrier and toys: what a bargain!

My pram was bought off a friend for £40: a mamas and papas travel system the only thing that made it look second-hand was the wheels were a liitle worn. It was worth around £650 brand new. Curtains £3 with a lovely winnie the pooh pattern to match the nursery theme, lampshade 10p at a car boot, again matching the nursery.The list goes on …

So I know you want the best for your baby but it needn’t be expensive. Check ads in papers, shops and on the internet as there are loads of bargains to be had. Dont be afraid to accept hand me down clothes:, my sons drawers are full of them and he couldnt look any smarter than what he does. Babies aren’t in clothes long enough to even call them second hand. So please don’t be proud and get into debt if you’re worried about keeping on top of finances during this joyful time. Seconds are just as good as the rest if you’re willing to spend a little time searching for the best offers currently around.


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