Diet Tip: Control Meal Proportions

When trying to lose weight by eating right, we often overlook the fact that the amount of food we take in during each meal is just as important as the kind of food we consume. In order to lose weight and develop a healthful eating habit, we must control the amount of food we eat aside from minding the type of nutrients (or junk) that it contains.

Do not listen to your body

Well, at least not at first while you are trying to change your fat promoting eating habits.  Do you remember that old tip about listening to your body and eating only until you are full?  It will not work since you have already programmed your body to eat more than it should each meal. Thus, you will only be following your bad eating patterns if you listen to it. The wiser thing to do is to develop discipline. Cut down on the amount of food you eat during a meal and resist the temptation to get a second serving–even if your body is telling you to.

Use smaller plates

The peculiar thing about plates is that the bigger they get, the more inclined we become to fill them with food. By using smaller plates, you will have a head start at controlling the amount of food that enters your body. It will also keep you from wasting food if it turns out you cannot consume everything you have dumped into that giant plate, after all.

Give up TV meals

What could be more enjoyable than a meal or snacks in front of your favorite TV show?  It is a time-honored tradition in numerous homes. However, if you are serious about losing extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight, you have to give this up. Being captivated by the tube distracts you from being aware of the meal itself. Often, this leads to overeating.

Go for single serving snacks

Do not buy snacks in bulk or in large packages that invite you to consume them in one sitting! The next time you visit the grocery store for snacks, look for ones that are prepackaged into individual or single servings.

Measure the proportion of food that you take before each meal

The most straightforward way of controlling food intake is to measure it before you sit down to consume it. No, you do not need any special food-measuring instrument. Visualize if you must. First, determine the right amount of a particular food, say, rice, that you need to consume. In this example, a typical amount would be one cup. Well, even without an actual cup, you would be able to measure your rice serving more or less accurately each time.

These may seem uncomfortable at first, but as you develop your discipline further and your body readjusts itself back to healthy food consumption patterns, you will begin to see and feel the benefits. You will feel lighter after each meal without feeling deprived of your favorite food. You will start losing weight, and most of all, you will start feeling good with the knowledge that you are in control.

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