Home Décor: Choosing Window Blinds

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Window blinds give a room a certain elegant look and feel that cannot be duplicated with the use of common curtains or drapery. The right choice of blinds will also serve other purposes as well such as insulation from the elements, or better ventilation.

As decorative fixtures, blinds are versatile. They can be made of wood, plastic, heavy linen, or metal. Accordingly, their colors and textures vary. They can also be made to fit any window size or shape. As functional implements, they can be lightweight and thin to block out harsh light without giving the room a confined, stuffy atmosphere in a hot summer day, or they can be thick and wide enough to screen out wind and moisture during the winter.

Quick Window blinds tip

A room looks larger when fitted with window blinds. If curtains are placed over the blinds, the room will appear smaller.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl is perhaps the most popular type of window blinds since they are lightweight and cheaper than other materials. They are also easier to clean. Venetian blinds are manufactured with Vinyl.

Blinds with wood slats

Wooden window blinds are also quite common. They are typically the thickest and heaviest among the choices. They are also used for Venetian blinds. The blinds are opened and closed with the use of a drawstring implement. Wooden window blinds can be personalized by painting it or adding other decorations suitable for wood surfaces.

Blinds with cane slats

Some window blinds have slats made from bamboo cane. This material is light and it can lend a unique ambience to the room. Bamboo is also a sustainable source of manufacturing material because it has a fast growth rate.

Blinds with metal slats

Metal blinds are the most durable and they are very easy to clean. The slats are made in varying thickness, width, and color. Like wooden slats, they can also be modified to a certain extent.

Choosing and installing window blinds is not a complicated process. First, you must take stock of the room where the blinds will be fitted. Consider its size and the overall decor or style. Notice the materials and colors used for the various fixtures and fabrics. Next, choose a matching design, color, and size from the various alternatives available. One other important consideration is the particular purpose that you have in mind for the blinds. For instance, aside from providing a particular mood to the room, you would probably want window blinds that could completely block the sun on some occasions or provide added insulation in winter. Thus, you would choose blinds with heavier, wider, and thicker slats made of wood or metal.


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