Using A Mobile Phone To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating

Unfaithfulness is the biggest thorn in a relationship. According to statistics, in about 60 percent of all relationships, a partner cheats. Given this figure, you can probably forgive yourself for wondering from time to time whether your partner is being unfaithful.

There are several ways or combination of ways to discover if you are being cheated on. The most natural is directly confronting your partner with your suspicions, which would most probably lead to emotional conflict. Another method, an expensive and sometimes extreme option, is to have your partner’s actions followed by a private investigator.

A cheap and quick way involves the use of cell phones.

First, find a way to inspect your partner’s mobile phone without arousing suspicion regarding your intent. Opportunities commonly arise when your partner goes out for a quick trip to the convenience store without taking his or her cell phone, or when your partner is in the shower. You will need a few minutes to accomplish this part of the process.

Once the phone is in your possession and you have some time to inspect it, begin by accessing the call log. If your partner does not have anything to hide and she does not need to delete the log, you will see incoming and outgoing calls that are not suspicious at all. You can probably stop worrying.

One the other hand, your partner could be cheating and she or he is smart enough to attempt to leave no trace at all on a mobile phone. Let us assume, for this process description to work, that your partner’s call log is intact and accessible.

List down all the numbers you find in the log. This should not take too much time. Once you have the entire log copied, set the mobile phone back to the position where you found it.

Next, conduct a process called reverse phone lookup. Several online companies provide this service for a minimal fee. The process is straightforward: enter the phone numbers on your list. For each number, a corresponding name, address, and other pieces of information are uncovered.

Find a service that allows you to investigate an unlimited number of cell phone information for a one-time fee. Otherwise, at a couple of dollars for each phone number, you would be spending a huge amount if there were numerous phone numbers to check in your list.

From here, it is easy to see if there is something worthy of suspicion. An unfamiliar number that appears to contact your partner’s phone frequently, for example, can lead you to discover a previously unknown rival.

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