Ways to Avoid Energy Attacks

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1. Lightning rod

Is only useful when you know for sure bad weather comes. If you feel energetic attacks, this is the first solution in which to think.

Lightning rod is connected to ground through a thick wire. If a cloud passes over it the negative influence lightning rod is having a positive end. Because of the intense peaks point, the tasks of the cloud are attracted to the top and then pour the lightning to earth. Thereby you can avoid the violent shock of the collision. When the clouds have a positive region in the phenomenon is reversed, the negative charge on the drain to cloud lightning.

2. Grounding

Second solution to stay out of energy attacks is the earth. That you have heard for sure. How it works:

Earthed outlet is designed to take in case of accidents and dangerous voltages to lower its level below the shock. The maximum permissible power for the body to limit electric shock is approximately 25 to 30 mA, which can occur if the voltage exceeds the normal amount of 24 VAC. A ground jack shall have a maximum of 4 ohms resistance measured for plants in which the maximum short circuit current is 6A. If restriction is made by a different value fuses must provide maximum resistance so as not to exceed in case of short circuit 24Vca value.

Grounding can be so: in the ground, beat 3 minutes galvanized pipes 25-30 mm in diameter, each of length about 2 meters at a distance between them 0.6 to 2 meters. One end of the strips will be removed from the surface, protected in a dose related (or track separation, which will make periodic inspection and future measurements) of where you go through a relationship with firm contact, the protective conductor to the distribution panel.

3. Baseball bat after neck

 If the first case can not be hundred percent sure that the escape of energy attacks, certainly if you use this method you mind coming to end.

4. Education

Unfortunately, this solution appeals to too few people.

As Bertrand Russell said much better than me:

Most people would prefer to die rather than think. In fact, they do.


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