Acar – an Irresistable Southeast Asian Salad

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Acar is a type of salad popular in Southeast Asia especially in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It is widely cooked among the Chinese, Malay and Indians.  Due to different culture’s tastes and preferences, variants of acar recipe emerge like Nyonya acar, Malay acar, Chinese acar, and so on.  This local delicacy is often served as a condiment to be eaten with main course.

Acar consists of thin strip of vegetables such as cucumber, long beans, carrots, cabbageand onion marinated in a sweet and sour sugar and vinegar.  It is best to toss these one-inch cut vegetables in ground peanutsbefore serving. Some recipe also adds in ginger and chilies.

Here is my own version of Acar which is simple and straight forward:


1 cucumber

1 carrot

½ big yellow onion

3 tbsp vinegar

1 tbsp pounced garlic

4 tbsp of pounced peanut

Salt and sugar to taste

1 cup water


1. Cut the big onion into 4 and sliced it.

2. Cut cucumber and carrot into thin strips, about 2 inches strips. Soak in salt water for half an hour.

3. Heat some oil in pan.  Sautee garlic till fragrant.

4. Add in water and vinegar.

5. When the water and vinegar is boiled, add in cucumber, carrot, big onion.  Stir well for about 2 – 3 minutes.  Season the mixture with salt and sugar.

6.  Dish up and sprinkle with pounced peanuts before serving.


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