Congested: Mind And Heart

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Side Note: Hope you all enjoy this. I worked hard on it and this came from the gut. It wasn’t easy to write but i think you’ll love it. This is my second article. This site is pretty cool. Any tips on how to fix this would be appreciated! If you can keep it constructive and friendly criticism. I dont care how much you hate this or hate that! To everyone else, keep doing you, being yourself, and doing your thing! Enjoy!

Matty Zaretsky



You make my mind congested.

You make my mind go blank.

The root of all my frustration

The stem of my inspiration.

When I first met you I never thought this would transpire.

These feelings of hate, curiosity, scorn, and desire.

I wonder what would happen if you saw me explode like fire.

If I told you I hated you I’d be a liar.

As much as I wanna hate you

Its something I cant bring myself to do.

Your smile is my solitude.

I got to get away from you.

I hate you so much

Because you never let me know you

Ask about your life.

Not even once.

Not even one lunch.

And I know your out of my league.

I don’t expect you to give me a chance,

Yet I’d still never hesitate to ask you to dance.

You make me so mad

I cant rhyme these words.

You got me feeling crazy.

Its dumb and absurd.

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