The Most Almost Perfect

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Side Note: This is my first piece im publishing on here! Give me tips and show me love! I love writing and love to talk about everything and anything! hit me up! looking forward to reading your stuff!

Matty Zaretsky


The Most Almost Perfect

I know nothing living is perfect

But the closest has got to be you.

I love it when you smile at me

And when you diss me too.

It’s something weird I get this vibe

When I look into your eyes.

I feel so safe.
I let out a breath of relief

As I sigh.

Its crazy I don’t know why

‘Cause you’re often on my mind

Talkin’ to you and making you laugh.

I don’t even have to try

To pretend I’m some other guy

Who thinks he’s crazy fly

And I’m not gonna lie.

I walk to my first class feeling great.

Don’t care if I pass.

I get to see your face.

You look at me and smile.

“Hey Matty how you doin?”

Just that smile and quick hello is enough to get me through and,

You got me all giddy.

So weird.

So stupid.

Don’t have a word to describe this.

I’d tell you if I knew it.


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