Modern Warfare 2- 5 Things Most Players Dislike About The Game

5 Things most Modern Warfare 2 players dislike about the game.

1. The killstreaks do get annoying. The basic killstreaks of COD 4 and WAW were much better than these new ones. I don’t like the fact that someone can spawn trap me with a chopper gunner or an AC130…

2. The tactical insertion being used for boosting. In many free for all games, there is a set of two players hiding, camping each other’s tactical insertion, and then killing each other repeatly. They then use this to get killstreaks like number 1. This is very very annoying.

3. The noob tubing. The danger close perk only increases the annoyance of the noob tubes. Whether it would be search and destory or team deathmatch, there is always that one tuber.

4. When people join your game session. Join friend’s sessions can be fun, but some really good players join bad players sessions to kill the not so good players. It can be and really is quite annoying.

5. The commando perk. This allows for long range knifing, which on smaller maps, can easily make a player mad. By the time you may see a knifer with his lightweight and marathon perks, he is already lunging for the kill.

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