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Looking for online income is not as easy as it seems because the web is such a big place. You may find websites that offer online income but most of the time, you may not find the one that you are looking for. Even if you found one, you still need to find out whether the site is legit, honest in doing business and not just a scam promising users certain amount of payment.

            One online income legit site which is well-known among those who are into PTC (pay-to-click) would be This is a review on, a legit site that has been around for quite some time.

   is a legit site that offers paid to click service. It was launched on May 1, 2008. This site has been around for almost two years and it still pays. had already paid millions of dollars to its users. So far, this is the best PTC site of all as you can get your payment instantly.

            How to register? Go to Register on like registering for any other web. As usual, you need to check your email for authentication. Once this is done, login and click where it says ‘view advertisements’. If you are a standard member, you will have four advertisements to click. Click the yellow star below the advertisement. Then a red dot will appear. Click the red dot and wait for the advertisement to appear. When the ad appears, wait until the timer fills up on the top left corner. Your patience is required here. If you close the ad without waiting for the timer to fill up, you need to wait for another 24 hours to click on the ad. Once this is done, do the same with the other ads.

            Neobux. com is giving you FREE money and some online income. You can do this while checking your email or chatting with friends. Some may say that you won’t gain much but as I have mentioned before, money is still money no matter the amount.

            However, you can gain big through direct referral or rented referral. Direct referrals are the users who registered under your name while for rented referrals, you need to rent the website for a certain amount a year and your referrals earnings will be your earnings too.

            The minimum payout is $2. You can reach this amount approximately two weeks that is without referrals. But if you have referrals, the process will be faster. also has great administration to support users. It also has a forum to discuss related issues. All in all, is another great site to earn online income. Little money is still money but if you what to earn more like earn online income $100 a day via legit sites you are free to do so.


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