Give New Employees A Helping Hand

But the senior staff member may not guide the newbie very well as he may not posses the relevant teaching skills or he must rush through the training. A good orientation provides a firm foundation for any new employee as he embarks on a new career. Here are some simple steps to welcome someone on board. 

Here are some simple steps to welcome someone on board.

  1. Employee orientation programmed

An employee orientation programmed introduces a new staff member to the organization’s culture and highlights the company’s vision and its goals. Organizations can use this platform to instill pride and loyalty in new employees by showing them that the company is willing to help them to develop their potential. Interactive session enable employees to understand the corporate mission and goals from the perspective of a leader within the company.

  1. Standard operating procedure

Written standard operating procedures or manuals should be establishes for every process within the organization and departments to map out the work process in a systematic manner so that new entrants can understand the process easily. Organizations which are ISO certificate will already have this in place. Even smaller companies which do not have this certification should put in place a similar system. These manuals should be given to an employee in his first day at work so that he can familiarize himself with the work processes and start work without any delay.

  1. Train the trainer

Its make good business sense to train and appoint trainers from each department to lead new employees. This does not require additional manpower or vast resources. With proper training they will be able to guide the new employee systematically through the work processes at the employee’s pace. This will go along way in helping the new employee get acquainted with the work flow and environment. It will also give the organization a chance to understand the strengths and weakness of the new employee. Find out more in the next article on dealing with difficult people.

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