Awaiting The Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars

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After last week’s episode, fans are anxiously awaiting the season finale of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. The season finale will air Tuesday August 10th at 9pm eastern time. 

Last week’s episode answered some questions and introduced even more mystery! 

With the finale close at hand, viewers are no doubt keeping last week’s episode in mind as they ready themselves for whatever is about to happen. Some important things to remember about last week’s episode: 

– Emily was seen at the memorial the night it was wrecked, but has a legitimate excuse. The biggest giveaway for this was her muddy shoes. 

– Hannah seems to be getting closer to her new geeky friend, who seemed nervous about something near the end of the episode. We then saw the his shoes were also muddy. Can we have the cliche, dun dun dun please?

– Aria might as well have said goodbye to Mr. Fitz and is getting closer to Knoll, who is obviously attracted to her. 

– Byron, desperate for help called Hannah’s mother Ashley, who was more than willing to come to his aid. The two seemed to have some kind of connection at her house, which quickly became awkward by the end of the visit. 

– Aria’s mom is worried about her and confides in Mr. Fitz, but by the end of the episode we saw that Aria was planning on visiting her mom at the new place for the first time on Friday. 

– Aria also made a date with Knoll for the following Saturday. 

– A seems to be getting more daring, and seems to think that the group is losing Emily. 

These are the questions we have to mull over before the new episode airs tomorrow night. Will everything turn out the way we thought, or will we be completely caught off guard? Pretty Little Liars is always full of surprises, something that keeps viewers coming back for more. The finale should prove to be no different! 


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