How To Catch The Next Big One!!

Unlike his cousin the rainbow who dances in a hundred different directions showing off his acrobatic talents, the brown trout almost always makes a beeline for the nearest obstacle in the river. And then from there, discovers nearly every other one! His goal is quite simple: to entangle and eventually snap your line.

If he can’t do that, he figures he’ll make these monstrous runs even taking to the air if he has to.

The bottom line is that a brown trout will run himself ragged trying to break free from your line. And more often than an angler cares to admit, the brown trout is successful!

In terms of size, this species of fish is a little larger than his rainbow cousin. Part of the reason for their size is their ability to live in warmer water, which contains more nutrients than cold water (who knew?)

You’ll recognize this trout because he’s more of a butter color along the sides with black and red spots following the lateral line of his body.

Many people simply don’t care for the colorings of this trout, even calling him “ugly”. (Doesn’t seem to faze him one bit, though!) This is especially true when he’s being compared to his cousin the rainbow trout.

Of course, once you’ve successfully hooked one of these guys, you’ll probably consider him one of the prettiest fish in the world. for a great  deal.

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