Runescape: How to Train F2P Magic For Free or Profit

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This article looks at various methods in F2P that RuneScape players can train magic without breaking the bank. Some methods are more efficient than others, some allow training for free while others require spending money that can be made back.

RuneScape F2P Free Magic Training: Rewards.

Genie and Antique Lamps: Genie lamps are a reward you can select by opening a random event gift box. Genie lamps grant to you ten times the experience as your level in the selected skill. Antique lamps are rewarded from the likes of the stronghold of safety, Explorer Jack, and completion of the Lumbridge Diaries. There may or may not be a minimum skill level requirement for the lamp.

There is one antique lamp that you can earn repetitively. When you work for the citizens of Lumbridge, they pay you the Grand Exchange minimum price for your items. You are limited to six jobs per hour, but are given an antique lamp after every 15 jobs. The antique lamp, when rubbed, grants experience 25 times the level of the skill you select to advance. (A recent update has reduced the number of citizens that currently offer jobs. Currently the only RuneScape citizens that offer jobs are Fred the farmer, Gillie Groats, and Millie Miller.

Quest rewards: Imp catcher and Witch’s Potion Quests grant magic experience as a reward. Imp Catcher grants 875 experience and Witch’s potion 325 magic experience. Quests can be used as a way to reach level 10 magic without having to use a rune. Witch’s potion is now regarded as a miniquest. Blood Pact quest also grants some beginner magic experience.

RuneScape F2P Free Magic Training: Diaries and minigames.

Low Alching with the Explorer ring: Completing the Lumbridge Achievement Diaries (Beginner and easy required) allows you 30 free low-alchemy spells per day using the ring. A magic level of 21 (5,018 total experience) is required and you gain 930 magic experience per day. By casting low alchemy on junk items, a player can make some gold doing this. You can also gather and cast alchemy on a commodity such as potatoes or grain.

Use Fist of Guthix Minigame: Players playing Fist of Guthix minigame are given runes that can only be used in the game. By casting combat spells on your target you gain magic experience. You don’t have to spend any gold and can earn tokens, which are redeemed for useful items.

RuneScape Free Magic Training: Spells that don’t break the bank or that make money.

Telegrab items (Level 33 magic.) Cast Telegrab on the gold ore underneath the Varrock Bank. Better yet go to the Chaos temple north of Falador and cast telegrab on the wine of Zamorak. Wine of Zamorak sells for over 1,000 RuneScape gold and is in demand as RuneScape members use it in a high-level herblore potion.

Use Superheat Item. (Level 43 Magic, level 1-85 smithing) Calculate the price per bar against the combined price of one nature rune, one ore, and the required number of coal needed to normally make the bar (if applicable.) Using a fire staff saves the expense of four fire runes per superheat, a 20+ coin savings that makes a big difference over time. If the material and rune cost is lesser than the value of the bar, a profit can be made while training smithing and magic skills at the same time. The superheat item grants the normal smithing experience of the metal plus 53 skill experience in magic.

Cast High Level Alchemy: (Level 55 Magic.) All in-game items have a high-alchemy value, and high alching items is a great way to salvage a profit from “junk” items left over from training not in demand such as metal armor. Compare the cost of the item (if purchasing) plus the cost of a nature rune (assuming you wield a fire staff while casting) versus the high-alchemy value to determine the loss or profit. Jagex has been careful as to not let item prices drop low enough to offer players much of a profit from high-alching, but high-alching can be very profitable for players looking to get some coins in return for their junk.

By using these methods, it is possible to train magic in F2P RuneScape while spending minimal money. You may even make some RuneScape money with some of these methods.



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