Killzone Three at Pre Alpha Stage

 The Killzone developer showed off an extremely impressive bit of game play at Sony’s E3 2010 press conference, proclaiming from the start that Killzone 3 is being developed from the ground up with 3D technology in mind. According to Guerrilla’s Herman Hulst, the upcoming shooter sequel will feature tougher, scarier enemies and will be the most realistic representation yet of a science-fiction war. 

  Killzone 3 picks up right after the second game. A nuclear detonation has made the Helghan world a scarred wasteland, but there’s still a war to be fought. If you have played Killzone 2 you’ll once again assume control of an ISA soldier named Sev and work in tandem with his squad mate, Rico, but this time the members of this squad will be trekking across a more wide-ranging selection of Helghan locals. You spent the vast majority of Killzone 2 shooting Helghast’s soldiers in urban streets and alleyways, this sequel will take you on through Arctic seas, irradiated jungles, and eventually, outer space.

  This exceptionally fictional game is the real deal and is fully functional with the PlayStation Move, which will be out to consumers this coming fall. As for Killzone 3, it will be out by February 2011. In conclusion, there is still a long way to go in terms of this game’s development. It is still in its pre-alpha testing stage. I suggest you or anyone you know with a PS3 should not miss out on this exclusive game. 


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