How to Get Your Hilarious Articles Recognized

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Using peers can only take you so far, and Google has way to many links that are blocking your comic gold from being seen. What you need is someone who is willing to recognize your comedic genius and place it near other hilarious articles for free. gives you just that.

Using this site, you can view other awesome articles, get a ton of views for yourself and get a lot of help making new hilarious articles.

So why is this site better than Google at getting me views? The answer: A machine has no sense of humor. All someone has to do is have one tag saying “lol” and Google will think it is funny.

Once the Hilarious articles site gains tons of people, you will be surrounded by fellow people wanting to see hilarious articles, and if yours is showcased, users trust it to be funny.

You might also ask: Why would anyone make a free site like this to HELP OTHER PEOPLE? The answer is that the owner of the site has a completely separate section for his own articles which get tons of views. He won’t get any views if he doesn’t provide a service for them.

So in conclusion, if you join this site you will be pleased.


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