How to Write About Anything And Everything

Authors often complain about scarcity of topics to write about. Themes don’t flow intermittently which has been a great issue with freelance article writers. The things I am about to discuss here is useful on those clueless days when you find absolutely nothing to write about. The reason behind this vacant dumbness is the inability to find amusements from the normal prosaic life. When the author has a mental set up to write about a very specific kind of articles there soon arises a time when he completely runs out of topics. Sometimes the writer also faces crisis in his personal life. These miserable moments make your mind dry and deserted.

In order to write about just anything the author needs to find amusements in everything. Yes, that’s right. Unless something interests you to a high degree, you can’t write even a few sentences on it. Now, in order to find amusements in everything one needs to detach oneself from its surroundings and place oneself as a spectator. The ability to detach your mind at will is a remarkable skill that one can acquire only through constant practice.  As long as your mind is in active participation with the scene you can’t extract the full joy from it. It doesn’t mean that you have to actually get rid of every involvement. Detachment is just a mental process that should be voluntary. It doesn’t mean that you can’t act anymore. With constant practice you can actually see yourself acting on the stage. It’s feels as if you are actually seating in a comfortable position, totally relaxed and seeing yourself doing things.

Humor is an essential ingredient to make your composition interesting.  In order to do that you must exercise some sense of humor while writing. Without humor and wit the reader will feel as if he is swimming in a desert.  In order to make a topic successful both the readers and the author should be able to find some amusement and interest in the topic. A distressed mind can’t find amusement in anything. An author’s mind should always be positive. Even if you want to hint something negative consider doing it in an amusing way. An author as a person must be very optimistic. He must know how to practically extract happiness from every little thing. Let me tell you, this is no difficult task at all. All you have to do is to nurture some innocent curiosity inside your mind. Just like a child, an author needs to be curious about everything.

Writers often think that he has to look grave and every sentence he writes should sound extremely serious. This is not true, unless you are writing technical manuals. There is a freedom in writing that we should all learn to enjoy. Most of us are specialized in some fields. But that should not, in anyway, prevent us from peeking into other fields. Knowing how to take delight in trifles is the most precious ability an author can ever have. Frankly speaking, there is no such field as an author can’t survey.

An author must be wise enough to take major lessons from minor events happening in his own life. Human life is always full of interesting events. Here every day an old story ends and an entirely new one begins. We should be alert enough to identify these stories and then present it in an interesting manner. When a writer makes his personal life the basis of his writing, he invokes a noticeable intimacy in his composition. It actually makes writing more lively and dramatic. Not a single day in an author’s life must pass without contemplation. Each day should come up with something worth saying. But these things don’t automatically reveal themselves. It is always the writer himself who has to pull out the curtains. The gift of observation and speculation is an integrated part of writing. They give a writer the ability to write about anything in particular and everything in general. 

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