The Top Ten Most Important Supplies For College Students!

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College is one if the hardest things in the world, when it comes to knowing what ti bring with you. This can be especially true for the person who is going to experience college for the first time. It is very important to have the essentials handy and be prepared for one of the biggest journeys of your life. Here are a couple of things that are considered to be essentials when it comes to being a college student. If you are looking for a list of the ten most important things for college students, then keep reading.

The number one most important essential for a college student is of course a Laptop computer. There is nothing worse in the world for student to have a paper due and no way to get it done. Laptops are the easiest choice for college students due to the fact they are east to carry and in many cases, they are cheaper.

The second essential for a college student is going to be a printer for the thousands of papers they will have. Having your own printer is something that makes college life a lot easier. You can print from the comfort of your own home and it can be done any time you want. A basic printer is good enough, you do not need to have the ones that can be decked out with many different things.

The third most important essential for college student is some kind of bag or back pack for your supplies and books. The most popular choice for college students tends to be the messenger bag that can pretty much be purchased anywhere. Make sure to get one that is roomy and also fit your laptop.

The forth essential would be blank floppy disks or blank CDs. They are going to be your main source of backup in case something should happen to your computer. It also handy when you need to printer something from another printer. Blank CDs or floppy disks are something that is becoming popular with professors as they will sometimes ask to receive your assignment on one.

You will need to have some kind of planner or calendar. This is number five on the top ten essentials list for college students. Planners or calendars are the best way to keep with your classes, assignments and even sports events. They can help you remember and stay organized with everything.

Big supplies of printer paper and notebooks are number 5 and 6 on the essentials lists. You may want to remember to stock up on these kinds of things when ever you happen to see a sale. You will need to have a couple of notebooks for each class, each semester. You will have to takes notes on many different things for each class, each day. Always be prepared when it comes to this kind of thing.

Number 8 on the essentials list are folders. Make sure you have one for each class you have and make sure you always have it handy. Folders are an excellent way to keep up with your assignments and anything your professor may happen to give you.

Essential number 9 is PENS. You can never have enough when it comes to having pens. Most of your assignments will be typed or hand written and you must have certain ones for certain classes. Blue and black tend to be the most used colors so it would be wise to keep a steady supply of blue or black pens at all times.

The last college essential is note cards or index cards. These neat little things come in hand when it comes to studying for tests and just about any other kind of scenario you may have. College professors also can require the use of these when it comes to presentations. You may even luck up and your professor allow an index card to be used as a small cheat sheet for big exams.


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