Food Network Cooking Stars, Novelists, And Photographers: Examples of Celebrity Success

People today who want to succeed need to have a positive attitude about life in general. Positive people just naturally feel and breathe successes. These professionals have received recognition for their style and flair. Only true professionals have driven their journey of life into victory lane.  Food network stars, novelists, and photographers are just a few examples of successful celebrity careers.

Famous stars focus on many important things. One important thing all stars must do is to think like a star. The ones that think like a star will prove successful for more than one series. Writers should think and feel like a star. Professional writers publish words that allow their readers to escape into their world and find out about intriguing adventures. An adventure that calls every true passionate reader to find its ending.

Here are a few examples of how Food Network Stars, novelists, and photographers had to focus in order to become professionals in their career field of choice.

Food Network stars know how to bring their audience to their knees drooling for the slightest morsel that has dripped from their set. Emeril Lagasse made his career happen by kicking his career up notch by thinking of different ways to incorporate his style into his culinary world he was building for himself. Great ideas help build his lasting career. He used his imagination to his best advantage.’

Emeril Lagasse is known for saying several things throughout each cooking show. They are:

‘Bam Bam and kick it up a notch’


These few words helped built his image and style along with his great cooking recipes. He also added the, Emeril Live Band,’to help build his success. What’s great food without a little music he must have thought. Emeril Lagasse Bammed his way to success. 

Writers pull their reading audience toward their interesting topics by alluring their readers in the same way as all professionals do. They tickle their curiosity.  Writers who can make their readers beg for more knowledge will keep their readers begging for more in the future. 

Novelistsmust prove to their subscribers that they will deliver time and time again more thrilling adventures. They must learn to write more passionately each time that they write.   

Nicholas Sparksproved that knowing how to keep his audience interested was indeed beneficial. Nicholas Sparks wrote the novel,’ The Notebook’.  He knew how to keep his fans begging for more intriguing novels and hoping for a hand autographed copy one day.

Photographers must be able to steal the hearts of every one who they photograph; they must be able to aim the camera precisely with great fashion and flair. Writers who inform their readers with the same type of fashion and flair will prove they are beyond a shadow of a doubt an author in the truest form.

All well known people started from scratch and built there way up towards their dreams. The one thing that made the difference between the amateur and the professionals was their passionate drive.

Stars today come in many forms. They all had to do one thing for sure. They had to stand out in very special ways. Every opportunity had to shine with professionalism. The word professional alone sounds powerfully beautiful and outstanding.

Stand tall in the profession of your choice and be one of a kind


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