How to do Tips Acrylic Nail at Home

You can do tips acrylic nail at home too. It’s easy. You can buy a kit from a nail supply store and put it together. You will need artificial nail, a nail kit, acrylic powders and liquid and you are ready to do them. First, you will need to give yourself a manicure before you proceed so that the nail will be good. You can put fake nails or powders on a dirty nail that has long nail. You can get an infection and fungus. You should also sanitize your nail well before you proceed to prevent infections and fungus. You will need to take them out again later if they’re infected or if they have fungus.

After you have given yourself a manicure, cut your nail, clean it, sanitize it, you’re ready for acrylic nail. You can pick out fake finger tips with glue. You can then trim to the desired length. Next, you will apply the primer to boost bonding. Next, you will prepare your powder and liquid. You will dip your brush into the liquid cup and then to the powder cup and then make a ball from it. You will then spread it out on your finger nail from inner to outer. You will then even it out. When it’s almost dry, you can then file it down with a defile or regular file. You can shape it and then you can go and wash your hands. Next, you will put on a top coat to keep it sealed. This is only if you want the pink and white look.

This can easily be done at home. You can save yourself so much money if you do it at home. You just need to get the material from the nail supply store and do it. You can go to the nail supply store and then buy the powders and liquid and then do it at home. It’s very cheap. You can get the whole kit for $20 but you can use it for at least 10 sets of nails. You will like it. You can also buy the nail drill and everything else too.

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