How to Get Started as a Dancer

If you’re interested in dancing, you can get started with exposure first or credit work and meet people along the way. You don’t always get the best gig at first since there are people out there with more experiences and connection than you do. You have to start out somewhere. What you will need is a reel of your work put together. You can then put it on you tube and expose yourself. Once people see you and see what you do, you will have more chances of landing work.

You should videotape all of your best moves and put it in clips. Next, you should post it on you tube and allow people to see it. When they see it, they will be able to see if they can use you for their productions. If they don’t see your work, how will they discover you? They need to see your work. You will need a reel of your work and then expose yourself that way. If you’re an artist, you will need to expose yourself. The more you expose yourself, the more work you will get.

Of course, you want to start working on credit project where they give you credit for your dances but they don’t pay you. This is valuable too since it shows that you have experiences and you have something on your reel. There are tons of copy and credit project on Craig list. You can go on there or go to film school, where students will need to use you for their project. They won’t be able to pay you but you will get copy and credit. This is a great way to start out. When you have enough of these experiences, you can begin to work for paying project. The most important thing for a dancer to remember is to expose your reel as much as possible and to audition too.

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