How to Act in Nursing Clinicals

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When you’re a nursing student, you will be working in the hospital with real nurses and doctors and the whole entire team. You want to learn how to work around them so you can pass your class without getting in their ways. They can make your life miserable too if you mess around with them. They can even affect your schooling too. You can fail your clinical if you screw around with their patients or even piss them off. I was once in nursing school so I know that the staff can affect your total experience as a nursing student. When they’re already professionals, they think that they are better than you so you just have to keep things to yourself.

You will be seeing them and you will be working on their patients. They do care about what you do to their patients. If you make a mistake on their patients, they get in trouble too so you just have to work well with them and make sure that you don’t mess up on their patients. If you do, you will get in trouble and you might even fail clinical. I’ve seen a nursing student who almost kills a baby because she overfed him and he had respiratory problems. When you’re a student, you will have to be careful and make sure that you don’t mess up on patients and make sure that you do everything safely. It’s better to be safe then to be sorry. You should never attempt to go on your own and try to do things on your own without supervision. You will need supervision at all time.

You just need to remember that if you make a mistake, you can fail your clinical and be ejected out of the program and you might have to go somewhere else. It’s very important that you don’t go off on your own during clinical and that you do everything right. You have to be safe and always ask if you don’t know since you will get in trouble if you do things that you’re not sure of. The best way to combat clinical problems is to stick with your professor and your classmates and stay out of the nurses and the doctor’s ways.

If you have a question, you need to bring it up with your professor and not the nurse or the doctor since they’re busy unless they’re the only one that is present. You always want to keep things to yourself on the personal level like keep your problems or anger out of the way of the hospital staff. They don’t have time to deal with them and will not want to deal with them. You want to leave your personal problems outside of the hospitals. There is a time and place for everything. However, you do need to show up and be as professional as possible or else people will give you problems. I’ve seen students fight all the time with their classmates or professors and it’s not a wise thing to do so.


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