Physical, Mental And Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

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No one ever wants to be in the situation where they are fearful of their significant other, but it happens more than is admitted. An argument can escalate and before you know it, it has gotten physical.

Some things to watch for if you are concerned that your boyfriend may be the physically abusive type are, he has a short temper, he pounds his fists or hits stationary items during or after a disagreement, and if he had ever raised a hand at you.

If a man has a short temper, things can make him extremely upset in a matter of seconds. If he doesn’t come to terms with the reasons why he loses control then he won’t be able to gain control. You could bring it up to him and try to help, but tread carefully because just mentioning it may trigger a negative reaction. If he doesn’t want to fix it, you can’t make him. Should he take your concern to heart, then together you may be able to come up with steps to take to help him manage his anger.

Someone who hits or throws things during an argument is a step closer to being a possibly abusive boyfriend. If almost every discussion turns into an argument, and then to a fight, that could be another sign of a bigger root problem.

A man raising his hand at the women he loves is a heartbreaking thing. Love means just that and should be shown in every way. Just because you don’t see eye to eye on something does not give reason to belittle your significant other in any way. Things should be discussed and then end in some sort of compromise.

Another problematic, abusive behavior is talking down to your mate. Speaking to a loved one in a disrespectful tone, calling names and just knowingly making them feel bad is the completely opposite of how it should be. Mental and emotional abuse can be a precursor to physical abuse, and none should be tolerated.

Take the necessary steps to ensure your safety if you feel your significant other is threatening you in any way. Call a friend or neighbor, alert the authorities, and secure your children (if applicable). There are shelters available for temporary housing and safety from an abusive partner. Contact your local police department for the address and phone number to one in your area.


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