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I saw an article on Twitter last week referring to people feeling embarrassed to say that they had been/were going on holiday to Tenerife.

They must be sad people indeed, I can only assume that they haven’t really looked at the Island and you can only blame the Television for this as they only show in the main the 1/2 mile stretch called ‘Veronicas’, which is where the youngsters come for the night clubs, in the past it has got a bit rowdy and noisy and has probably earn’t it’s bad name, but over the last two or three years it has been cleaned up and has greatly improved and it doesn’t get into the news like it used to do.

It’s amazing how such a minuscule  part of the island can give the rest of the Island such a bad name.

What the television often forgets to show you is the beautiful scenery, lush forests and mountains all topped with the majestic Volcano ‘El Teide’ surrounded by the ‘Parque National del Teide’ , it’s something to behold, no matter how many times you drive through the crater it stills has that feeling of wonder especially when you see where the larva ran and set and the rock formations are incredible.

There is so much to do and see on the Island of Tenerife, so much History to explore, it’s a wonderful Island and one that everyone should be proud to visit.

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