Valentines Day Themes

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Valentine’s Day Themes for Great Parties

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day party and are thinking of how you can make it extra special, think about some Valentine’s Day themes that you can work around.

Single and Loving It

There can be a bunch of friends who are celebrating Valentine’s Day with you and all of you could be single by chance or choice at this point in time. So instead of moping around about the fact that you don’t have date this year, plan a great Valentine’s Day theme party about the fun of being single. Get each other gifts, send each other flavors, bake a red velvet cake and talk about all the reasons you are happy that you are not in a horrible relationship this year.

Guys, Gals and Games

Go beyond the typical red heart Valentine’s Day themes and plan a fun filled game night with all the men on one team and all the women on the other. You can fine tune your games depending on the type of people you invite but generally Trivial Pursuits, Pictionary, Cranium, Twister and Charades are good games that keep people of all personalities interested.

The battle of the sexes can be really fun when you have such a Valentine’s Day theme party. If you feel the fervor in the party is dying out, come up with more physical games like tug of war or more intimate ones like spin the bottle. They may seem childish but that’s the whole point why they will be all the more fun. Remember to have prizes too!

Cooking Party

Have a wild Valentine’s Day theme with a cooking party for your friends. Everyone loves to gather around food so plan it in such a way that people are designated ingredients in advance and each couple is responsible of creating one course of the meal while all the other watch. This Valentine’s Day theme doesn’t put the burden on the host and is fun and different.

Tom and Jackie can make salad, Brendon and Debbie the appetizer, Mike and Sarah the main dish, someone else the side dish and the last couple the dessert. With the ingredient list they should be told about the time constraints and if they need a particular gadget they should bring it with them. Recipes should be easy and quick to make so that everyone is not in the kitchen the whole time. They should not need long hours of marinating or refrigeration so that they can be enjoyed together as well.

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