How to Get Unbanned From Transformice

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You worked hard for your cheese, but then you decided to do something stupid, like using a 3rd party software to “help” you with the game. Nobody likes to be banned from anything especially from something great like Transformice.

What I did was send an email to the Transformice staff at The email read:

My account which goes by the name of ______ was banned without me knowing that there were any rules.

I was never made aware of any rules or terms of conditions by the Transformice site or anything similar, and therefore I downloaded a program that was supposed to improve my experience while playing the game.

I was not aware that it is possible to get banned from Transformice.

I now understand that you don’t like 3rd party companies interfering with your game-play and I have learned from it.

I spent quite a lot of time getting cheese for _______ without using a 3rd party company, and would be extremely grateful if you unbanned him and then sent me a copy of the rules of Transformice.

The email which was sent back from the staff read:

You were unbanned.

I was amazed that they unbanned me. I was once banned on Runescape and sent two cleverly worded ban appeals to them. Unfortunately they decided that action was not enough, and left my account permanently banned.

A game such as Transformice which is willing to unban people is a great game indeed because it shows that they care about their players and have a strong support staff.

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