Why Triond Has Hit Rock Bottom.

Triond is an article publishing site very similar to Bukisa. I write articles for them which don’t get too many views, and when they do, make very little earnings. 

For the last few months, I have notice a very huge dip in earnings. Why are they doing that?

Triond claims that they have a 50/50 balance of their earnings and the user’s earnings. They definitely must not be making much money at all because my view-cent ratio is insane. Just check out this screenshot:

Content Overview

TitleViewsEarnings#Comments#LikesHow to Get Unbanned From Transformice35$0.0100How to Get Your Hilarious Articles Recognized9$0.002125 Funny Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Amusement Parks6$0.000028 Hilarious Things to Do While at a Professional Baseball Game6$0.0000How to Create an Emoticon to Windows Live Messenger Using Pivot2$0.0000

This is unacceptable. I did not use self clicks at all, each view is most likely unique, and those are very high-quality articles.

This is my first content posted on Bukisa but you can expect much more if Triond continues to mess up like they are now.

What’s the good news? Well there probably isn’t any for Triond, but Bukisa will see or already is seeing a huge increase in users as Triond is losing all of there’s.

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