E-Books And The New World Order

So I am studying for a final exam for law school.  Listening to old quiz questions that I made into a pdf and I have Adobe reading them out loud to me. I think this might be the smartest and most convenient way to read stuff that you may never have read prior. For example, I use this method to read The Wall Street Journal, which I would never read otherwise, but makes me feel cool to say “oh yeah, I read The Wall Street Journal today and there was an article in there on investing in the movie industry and how it only cost 10 grand to make that one ghost movie done entirely with a night vision camcorder, but somehow it earned $800 million dollars.”


There is an abundant stream of free flowing free content everywhere you turn and now I hear The New York Times, as well as numerous musicians and other publications are also going free.  Information wants to be free.  People are still managing to monetize this content through the use of Google ad-sense, pay per click, and referral affiliate programs.  All this also has a feel of being so revolutionary..like on edge…like it won’t last for ever because it’s in a state of constant change.

It can get a bit daunting, but…..I have a prediction for the future

I was watching Book TV because I like boring things and I am a depressing boring turtle, snail, Eeyore of a person and as I was watching the paint dry and watching book TV they were televising a national publisher conference where these five old white men and one middle aged white woman spoke on the future of the book publishing industry (I only make note of their sex and race, because the woman actually took the time to make note of it, as an ironic but real representation of the still hegemonic fraternal nature of the publishing industry).

The woman noted that currently e-books make up 10% of published books, but how they estimate in about 5 years e-books will make up about 60% of published works.

here is my prediction

I don’t own an iPad (yet), or a Kendle. I don’t know all of the names for all of these ebook readers, but you don’t have to be Steven Hawkin to understand the appeal of reading an e-book over hand-held text. Even with the capacity to have links in text and videos on the same screen as the page you are reading, and the ability to impose ads on the page, allowing publishers to make the actual content free, there will always be the debate over whether or not hand-held text is better than this modern-form of reading. I predict what will end this conversation, or at least give it a numbing and halting blow to the jejunum, will be the moment e-books become cross-national through a self translating system.

We already see something like this with social networks and Wikipedia in how you can translate the text on a given page to fit your language of choice.  There is not much else for me to rant about. This is a pretty simple self-explanatory concept.  Google Translator obviously has glitches, and even Adobe’s pdf reader re-siting my contract law quiz questions to me, RIGHT NOW, is not exactly fluid in its pronunciation or even coherent at times, but the technology is getting more refine, soon the organs will be robotic and we won’t know whether the enemy is Skynet or The Resistance.

I think the goal of every author, or creator of some form of art, wants their work to reach as many people as possible. In the past, the capability to cross over boundaries has been the one upper-hand art, photography, and languages like math and music has had on the writing industry, but when it becomes standard for e-books to be pre-translatable into every possible language, I don’t think this will be a barrier anymore. And when this happens hand held publications as mundane and meaningless as a Reader’s Digest will be treated like sacred relics.

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