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SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Review!

When you make the decision to get a GPS for your golf game and you choose to go with Skycaddie you will no longer have to worry about golfers being right behind you all the time.  This can cause you to get nervous over very important shots and that is not good.  The SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS system will allow you to speed up your game and the games of those you play with.  It will make golf more enjoyable for you.

With a SkyCaddie product you will be able to get the exact yardages for nearly every course you play. Plus there are new courses being added all the time and you will be very hardpressed to find a course that you cannot get the yardages you need from the Skycaddie GPS.

There are features that allow you to not only get the yardage to the pin, but also to any other part of the course.  This will instill the confidence you need in each and every shot you hit.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Golf GPS rangefinder:   

* Ready-To-Play Preloaded Courses*: Store up to 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified course map   

* Durable, sleek design with a large 3″ high resolution   

* Dual Navigation: Golfer friendly, one-handed operation provides more precise positioning   

* TruePoint GPS Precision Positioning Technology: High-performance GPS engine   

* Omni-directional, high-performance GPS antenna locks quickly to more satellites   

* Better accuracy without obscuring screen information with fingers and smudges   

* Stays locked to optimize performance and accuracy in all terrains, even under tree foliage   

* Store up to 50 full-featured courses through a SkyCaddie® Membership Plan   

* Transflective TFT-LCD screen for brilliant images in the brightest sunlight

If you want to carry the GPS system that has the most courses mapped out and is trusted by more professionals than any other of it’s kind, then the SkyCaddie GPS system is the only way for you to go.  This will help to improve your golf game and your shot making ability while instilling the necessary confidence in each shot you hit.

Let me show you want Current Owers are Saying:


I recently purchased the SGX and like most people had a problem trying to register the product. When I tried to sync on my computer with Windows 7 and 64 bit, I never did get it to sync, so I took it to office and was able to work on my XP machine. The have a temporary fix for Windows 7, but real fix will come shortly.

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