How to Download 300 MB Films That Are High Resolution

An explanation on downloading films-movies that are 300MB to 700MB 

and that are high quality with the extension.mrk

All for free…

The best sites to download this kind of films are:


Which is really the best website which offers a wide range of films from classics to modern technological films.

It also an weekly update on new films by email.


This site consists of many wide variety of films and it has a page with an 


there are more websites but this sites are the best of the bunch since the others almost consist of just throwing you popups every time you move the  mouse.

now how to download the films.

First download 7-Zip.

Go to ether site and click on the films links. 

Most if not all will point you to Mediafire, a file host website that contains the films.

For every film there are from 2 links for 300MB films and 4 to 5 links for films of 500MB to 700MB.

You download them from Mediafire that with 7-zip you conjure the files together.

Then open the folder holding the film’s file and enjoy.

1. Got To website

2. Download movie links 

3. Use 7-zip

4. Enjoy

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