How TO Make Yourself Happy

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Ask yourself, whether you are really happy or not? Please ask this query into your mind. You will get most probably this type of reply – sometimes happy and sometimes sorrow. This shows that happiness is a short lived one. Is it? Answer is no. Everybody can have real happiness on permanent basis, if they follow and practice some practical methods on day today basis. They ought to alter their attitude in a better manner. I would like to draw your attention to some of my below mentioned points to develop happiness on permanent basis, if you, actually, practice them.

Humorous Sense:

If anyone desires to maintain their mind with pleasure, first of all, they ought to make and keep others in cheerful moods. The speech of a person must bring some sort of happiness to others, whenever they mingle with them. He can make and keep others happy by kindling other humorous sense without hurting anybody. Cracking jokes without irritating others is the significant thing.

Submissiveness and recognition of a person:

Submissiveness and recognition of a person will provide happiness to others. Since man is a social animal, he desires to have respect and recognition in the society. If anybody provides them (recognition and respect) voluntarily others will become happy.


Others will become happy, when a person extends unconditional love to them. Real affection, denotes tolerating others mistakes and correcting them privately and praise them publicly without expecting any returns from them. Ones affection will make others, who are next to him, to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Services to others:

Services which include representing distressed people to concerned authorities for redressing their grievances, etc and provide them with money, food, clothes, etc., whenever they are in need of them, will bring happiness to them.


I would like to conclude this article with one meaningful and main point that others happiness will definitely bring pleasure to you when seeing their happiness.


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