How to Write a Letter of Love

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Eleven years ago, my wife at the time, was expecting our first child.  One day, I decided to sit down and write my unborn daughter a letter of love.  I felt so much love for my precious child, and I wanted her to have something from me that I had written with my own hand.  Something that came from my heart, so she could keep and read later in her life that described how I was feeling at the time and how much I truly loved her, even before she was born.

My letter described how excited I was for her to be born, how I could hardly wait to hold her in my arms and look into her eyes.  I wrote that she was conceived because of love and would be born to parents who would love her more than anything on earth.  I described how much her mother, and I had faith, hope and prayed for her every day.   I laughed and told her how much mommy was eating and how well she was taking care of herself so, she would be born very healthy.    As I continued to write, tears streamed down my face and onto the page smearing some of the ink.  The love I felt for my daughter as I finished the letter was indescribable and overwhelming, and I will never forget what a beautiful experience that was writing that letter.

The letter was since framed and put in a special place where my daughter is always able to read it, look at the writing, see my dried teardrops and feel her father’s love.

I can only dream that many people will read this letter of love over the years, and that it will inspire generations of family members to come.   

To help you write such a letter follow these tips:

How to start

Start with a quality piece of stationary paper and a good pen with black ink. You can also use a blank greeting card that has the perfect picture on the front of it.

Location to write

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Make sure the atmosphere is such that your true emotions, good thoughts and love will surface where you can write freely the feelings of your heart.

Date the letter

Make sure you date the page so it will be remembered as time goes on when the letter was written.  You never know hundreds of years hereafter whom you might inspire.

Begin writing

Begin your letter by telling your loved one the reason for the letter is because of your love for them is eternal, and you want to record your feelings forever.  Use your emotions to guide you to write the true feelings of your heart expressing how grateful you are what they mean to you and how much you admire them.

Declare your love

Declare your love, your devotion and adoration that you have for them and will have for them forever.   Express the deep feelings of your heart, your hopes, your faith and the dreams you have of the future.  Do not hold back or be afraid to pour out the honest feelings of your soul.


Close your letter with positive words of gratitude, respect and honor.  Tell them you are happy you decided to write the letter and hope they read it often, keep it forever and always have a reminder of your love.


The ending is so important.   The last words you write should make a powerful statement.  Remember, your loved one will cherish every word you write so end with the most romantic, honest and sincere words you can possibly think of.


Words are very powerful and when written and recorded by your own hand can become alive, influential and life changing.

Imagine, if only one person who read this article wrote such a letter to someone, and then that person wrote a letter to his or her loved one and the process continued on, eventually everybody around the world would receive a letter of love.   

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