Bullying In The Workplace

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What do you believe is unacceptable behaviour?  My experience of bullying is if it’s affecting your confidence your work and health then this is bullying and its time to get some help. Bullying isn’t something you should have to put up with. Some people might believe that it is something that only occurs within your teens like peer pressure. This isn’t the case adults can be as cruel as children and it can be just as hard to deal with. Unacceptable behaviourthis can be using obscene or abusive language, being violent or threatening. But there are varying degrees it could also be snide comments, belittling and having a bossy attitude. Many people have had to put up with things like this, how can you tell if it’s becoming a greater problem? A good sign is if it’s constantly on your mind, if it’s making you ill i.e. headaches and effecting your concentration.

Getting Help Try talking your problems through with someone. If you feel you could approach the person that’s bullying you and talk things through, perhaps it is over something small and it could be dealt with very quickly. I realise that this might be easier said than done so if this is not an option than perhaps go to your manager and ask to talk to them confidentially. Keep a diary not only is this therapeutic but if ever you have to take the problem further it’s a good idea to have everything that’s happened on record. It might be a good idea to join a Union.They can often have a phone line where you can talk things through Confidentially.The person who’s bullying might not just be affecting you but could be causing problems for other colleagues.Try talking to you colleagues and find out if this might be the case.You could then go together to your manager this would be some support for each other and it could help get you noticed and not just swept under the carpet.


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