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Sidetick is a relatively new social networking site, that will pay you to join, and invite your friends to social network. I heard about it from one of my many article writing friends on Facebook, and I was immediately impressed with their seven level referral structure, and their options for creating content.

For me, Sidetick is more of a place to talk to people, and find referrals to Bukisa, but they do pay you a dollar per two thousand clicks on any of your content. Pretty good for a social networking site, when you consider that facebook gives you nothing.

Bukisa pays a lot more per click, ($3.22 US per thousand clicks), and has a better percentage commission referral program, for the long term, but if you are good at getting referrals fast, you can potentially make a lot of money quickly on Sidetick, by finding people who want to be paid for social networking.

The two sites go really well together for me, cause I can social network to people who are open to new money making sites on Sidetick, and lead them to Bukisa, and I can write articles on Bukisa, which advertise my referral link on Sidetick, and get a dollar for each one.

I am still learning how to make money social networking on Sidetick, but I have gotten a few referrals for Bukisa there. Bukisa is still my main focus for the future, because a 25% commission on my first level referrals article earnings could be hundreds of dollars over the years, and then there are another two levels of referral.

I guess seven levels is pretty good, even if you only make twenty five cents for the other six levels, after the first, (which is $1), but I will continue to social network there, and focus my time on getting referrals to Bukisa. It’s a greater return in the end. Both are free to join, and Sidetick gives you a dollar to start.

Bukisa lets you cashout at ten dollars, and Sidetick lets you cashout at twenty five. Being paid for social networking appears to be the way of the future, because there is no other way that a social networking site could steal people away from Facebook.



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