Pink's Album (I'm Not Dead) – Shes Very Much Alive!

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Pink – I’m not Dead

This is Pinks fourth album released in 2006 and she really doesn’t disappoint you! It costs £5.97 on Amazon. I have reviewed each track individually giving the track time and my rating out of 5.

1) Stupid Girls (3.17) 5/5

“Outcasts and girls with ambition that’s what I want to see”
Latin style guitar playing is in the background with Pinks aggressive singing makes this song fun to listen it. It’s quite bouncy and would be a song you could dance to easily. It portrays a great message about how celebrities (the popular people what I call plastics) are stupid girls and how she wouldn’t want to be like that. Also how she hopes that the epidemic of people acting like this stops and girls have ambition and are not afraid to be different and do something with their life. I think she is saying there is a lack of role models for young teenagers.

2) Who Knew (3.28) 5/5

“If someone said 3 years from now you’d be long gone. Id stand up and punch them out cause they’re all wrong”.
This is a ballad with an edgy side to it. There is a guitar playing softly with a steady beat getting more dramatic at the chorus. You find yourself tapping your foot to it very easily. The song is about losing someone and how you don’t count your blessings until they are gone.

3) Long Way To Happy (3.49) 4/5

“Keep on rolling like a stone, cause its going’s be a long way to happy”
This song is slow and serious, however it has a rock vibe to it, making is edgy and one you sing along to. This song is about someone who doesn’t know about love and its going to be a long time before they are happy. It makes me think that its about someone who was abused.

4) Nobody Knows (3.59) 3/5

This is a dramatic slow song where Pink shows off her vocals. It starts off with just a piano playing building up to drums on the chorus giving it that rocky edge. It’s a song about nobody knowing or caring about her thoughts and she’s afraid of losing herself and everyone.

5) Dear Mr President (Feat Indigo Girls) (4.33)

“How do you sleep when the rest of us cry”
This is a slow song with just an acoustic guitar playing. I think they have kept it simple so people will focus on the words. The song is sang like it is a letter, where Pink sort of attacks the president for sending people to war, saying how much it is affecting everyday people, asking how does he sleep when the rest of us cry. She says he wouldn’t face up to her and take a walk with her. The song is catchy and definitely the words draw attention to it. In her concert Pink had pictures up of war which I thought where upsetting to watch. I think she wanted to give people that shock factor also that she wants to promote peace not war.

6) I’m Not Dead (3.46) 4/5

“I’m not dead, just floating”
This is another song with a strong rock influence with the drums and guitar playing throughout which I think compliments Pinks voice very well. At the end of the song there is a guitar solo. I think the song is about people coming and going from your life and how some people keep constantly coming back into your life. Also that sometimes your life has no direction but you always find your way.

7) Cuz I Can (3.43) 4/5

“You talk real loud but you aint saying anything cool I can fit my whole house in my swimming pool”.
Pure rock and roll song which has a computerised guitar sound to it. Pinks voice sounds computerised at certain times. This song at the start is Pink telling you she’s back and that she’s got everything, has loads of money and hopes she stays on top because if she doesn’t she’s in trouble because she lives a life of sin. She comes across quite cocky making out that there are no rules onto her.

8) Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) (3.18) 4/5

“Go away give me a chance to miss you”
Guitar and drums open this song with a great tune. Then it goes into Pink singing which gives a dreamy effect, you nearly think it could be a love song until you listen to the words. It’s an upbeat and a bouncy song, which you can sing along to. She wants to have some time by herself but she loves her partner. It sounds like she feels smothered. The chorus sings “Leave me alone (I’m lonely) go away come back” It’s like she can’t make her mind up.

9) U and U Hand (3.34) 3/5

“I’m not here for your entertainment you really don’t want to mess with me tonight”.
Another song with that rock edge to it with some interesting beats. It’s about her going out for a night and men coming onto her. She cant be bothered with men trying to come onto her, she doesn’t care what they think of her she doesn’t want to know them and tells them to keep their drink and just give her their money . She was fine before they walked into her life, she just wants to dance by herself and have fun without them. The chorus just makes me want to sing at the top of my voice and jump up and down. You could get up and dance to this song.

10) Runaway (4.23) 3/5

This song is a lot slower and is more serious which you can get from Pinks tone and the music being played. It’s about running away. It starts off slow and explains the build up running away and then once it gets to the chorus it gets loud and aggressive (trying to show all the frustration maybe). Then is goes back to explaining why she’s running away. It sounds almost child like and something a teenager would do.

11) The One That Got Away (4.42) 3/5

It’s about the one that got away and has a country vibe to it. Pink falls in love with this man unexpectedly (it sneaks up on her), however he slipped away from her because he was someone else’s man. This song is very easy listening and relaxing. It’s what I call a chill out music.

12) I Got Money Now (3.55) 3/5

A slow song which you can sing along to. It’s a story about Pink wanting to please everyone when she was younger but she doesn’t have to now she’s got money (or so it would seem). I think its telling you that no matter how much money or how famous you are you still need friends and family. Plus you need people to like and accept you. Pink sounds sad throughout the song it makes you think money is a burden. The track is very easy listening,however it’s not really a hit.

13) Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self (3.50) 2/5

This song has a dreamy feeling to it like Pink is telling her 13 year old self its going to be ok in a dream. The piano plays lightly throughout and has a dramatic feeling to it. I think this song would be good for teenagers to relate to showing them that everyone feels the same as them. The piano sends chills down your spin at the end.

14) Fingers (3.43) 3/5

There is a lot of moaning and groaning throughout this song which sort of spoil’s it. There is a computerised guitar playing again which gives an eerie effect to it. You could easily dance to this song. Pinks voice sounds computerised at certain points of the song and then other parts she’s just moaning which is more annoying the more you listen to it. It’s about writing a song at night when no-one else is watching however it is very suggestive and would make you think it has another meaning. I think this song really is an album filler.

15) Centrefold (3.47) 4/5

This track is back to the rock theme, with a beat you can tap your feet to. It’s a song you would enjoy dancing to. It’s got a lot of computerised sounds as well as drums playing in the background. The song is about Pink being on the re-bound and her ex wants her back referring to herself as a angel, the pretty little paper doll who he couldn’t control. It really shows herself as a woman who is strong and very much in control of her life.

16) I Have Seen The Rain (3.29) 4/5

This song was written by her father Jim Moore, she grew up singing it with him at different Vietnam vet functions. She learnt how to harmonise and how to love an acoustic guitar because of her father. The song is a ballad which her father sings with her harmonising and the acoustic guitar is being played. The song is about how the war affected him and how he should have been more only for the war. Also how his mind is still back 30 years ago when he’s just stepping off the plane and how glad he is to be at home with his friends. I think it’s a great song which has been made more personalised by Pink introducing it.


I think this alum is very much worth every penny. Each song is different and tells a different story (not every song is about love or heartbreak). There are songs to suit every mood whether you want to relax or get up and dance. I feel this is Pinks best album to date and in my opinion the best album I have bought this year.

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