How To Create A Blog That Stands Out From Rest !

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Content – You may heard the phrase that content is king and it is so. Content is the most crucial element for your blog’s success. So start your blog with at least 10 posts and gradually add two to three posts every week. Remember that your content must be genuine and unique. Your content should provide the information that readers are looking for. If content creation is your main problem then you have solution to it. You can use plr articles for your blog. But don’t forget to rewrite them before posting. The main problem of plr is that they are not unique and are used by many blogger.So, if you don’t want to use plr articles then you can outsource your work in service marketplace like fiverr and tenyt. In these site you can hire someone to write articles for you. The major advantages of outsourcing is that you can get genuine content for your blog as they will write you articles that are unique and genuine.

Add eBooks/free reports – People like freebies and you can give freebies to your visitors in form of an ebook or a report. Giving free stuffs would make your visitors to come to your blog over and over again. These would ensure a steady flow of traffic to your blog and these would also ensure that your blog gets good search engine placements. As your giving things for free , you must not spend hours creating free reports and ebooks. This is were plr products come in handy , you can simply take 10 plr articles and put them together to form a short little report or you can take a plr ebook , rebrand it with your name and your blog’s link and put it up as a free stuff. In this way your also able to save your time and the same place you are able to satisfy your visitors.

Add Videos and Images – Adding videos would help your visitors to understand your subject better as visual representation is one of the best way to explain things and people like videos. Upload short tutorials to your blog and ensure that they are informative and good. You can use free services like xtranormal to make your videos. Videos also ensure a good pagerank for your blog. Apart from adding videos you can also add images to your each posts . Adding images to your posts makes it look good. You can get free images at You can also make your blog a little more professional by applying a good template. You can get got blog templates at Just remember that the template must be simple and professional .

By doing all these things you can make your blog stand apart from rest of the competition. So workhard and goodluck !


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