How to Make Money From Google Hot Trends

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There are many ways to make money online and article writing and blogging are two of the most popular ways. Many writers find it difficult to come up with ideas when constructing new articles or blog posts. One such source of ideas is google trends. Google trends is frequently updated with hot searches and hot topics, providing writers with ammunition for their next piece of work.  Here is how you can use google trends to make money.

Pick a hot trend and make sure it is still medium, spicy and not in decline. Using the keywords provided under this particular hot trend, perform a search on google and find the major news headlines.  Create a post on your blog with a suitable title making sure to use the google trend keywords in the title of your blog post and throughout your post.  You then need to promote your blog post on Xomba, Snipsly, Twitter and other social networking and bookmarking sites. Using the same information and the same google trend keywords rewrite your blog post and use it as an article on an online writing site such as Bukisa, Triond or Helium. You then need to promote this article using the promotional tools mentioned above.

Writing and blogging on Google Hot Trends will help you earn more money online. The fact that you can duplicate your work in the form of blog posts, articles and on google adsense revenue sharing sites means there are many ways you can earn money from just one google trend. The more trends you write on the more money you will earn.

Writing evergreen articles is important for long lasting residual income, but google trends can give your online income a major boost. Try and aim to write at least one article and blog post each day on one Google hot trend. This should help increase the money you make from writing online.


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