Attempting The Whole Body Challenge

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The Plan allows users to start their 28-day journey on any Monday. Once participants sign up and get approved, the Whole Living website begins sending daily emails to participants to keep them on track.

The night before I started the program I outlined my goals for the 28-day experiment:

1. Increase my overall energy

2. Ditch the need for alterations to my wedding dress

3. Reduce my amount of stomach upset

4. Grow stronger fingernails

5. Increase overall productivity in my daily life

After researching the Plan’s website for menu ideas, I prepared for the week ahead by making trip to the local grocery store for some usual–and some not so common–items. In addition to my favorite fruits and vegetables, I picked up a box of quinoa and a container of almond milk. Now, for some vegetarians, these foods are normal fare. But, I must confess, I’m not an adventuresome eater. If I haven’t heard of it, I probably won’t try it unless it is already prepared for me.

But, today, I created a delicious lunch of quinoa (it’s sort of like tiny round pieces of rice) and roasted summer squash, green peppers and tomatoes. After a few dashes of my favorite seasonings, I felt like I was eating a gourmet meal. And, it was surprisingly filling.

The almond milk was good. It reminded me of a not-as-sweet version of soy milk. I think it would be really good in smoothies.

Tonight for dinner I plan to make the lentil soup prepared by Alton Brown on Good Eat’s. The recipe looks easy, the nutrient value is high and it fits the requirements of the Plan. All ingredients must be natural, fresh and not processed.

So far, so good. Only 27 more days to go until my new healthy eating habits become habits.

Note: If you’ve participated in the Whole Living 28-Day Whole Body Action Plan, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please comment below. Thanks!

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