Nesessity is The Mother of Inventions.

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Computer is an electronic machine which is used for the many purpose. It performs logical operations on inputs and brings froth accurate answers. According to size  they can be distributed in many categories. (1) Super Computer, (2) Main Frame Computer,  (3) Mini Computers and (4) Micro Computers. Their pries are vary  from billion of dollars down to a few thousands of dollars. Computers can be further classified into monotype, which are (i) Digital, (ii) Analog and (iii) Hybrid.

Now a days computer is used in goverment offices, banks, educational, institutions, hospitals and many other organizations. Computers are used mainly for the purpose of storage of facts and records. It is possible to talk to anyone in any part of the city or country or world. Students can study in any university of the world while sitting in their own home. All of these are great wonders of computers.

This history of computer can be divided into different generations. We are living in the fourth generation of computers. The fifth generation is yet to come and rock the world, A coinmon perception is that it will start with the creation and use of artificial intelligence. The future remai unseen, but one can give his own ideas or innovations.


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