Experience Chinatown New York

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I recently visited New York in March 2007 and we decided to take a trip out to chinatown as we had heard that there was great bargains to be found. Chinatown is like a different world you wouldn’t think that you are in New York at all. Its very busy and if you don’t like lots of people about this is not the place for you.

The street are dirty and quite frankly smelt a wee bit. The merchants can be very pushy and are constantly trying to get you to buy their purfumes, handbags, watches etc. This can get quite annoying after an hour or so, as they are constantly in your face asking do you want to buy a watch or handbag and saying that they do the best price!

If you don’t like stalls and their atmposphere you won’t like here. However the merchants can be very helful as I bought a chinese dress and got alot of help on sizing from the lady who sold it to me. It only cost me $40 and it had beautiful embroidered designs. I also got a D&G (fake) handbag for $20, which was great value as it is a good quality handbag. They sometimes can be too helpful though if you are only browsing!

My advice is to haggle and haggle and they will drop their prices, Im not very good at this though! I can guarantee you if you go to one shop and see something you like, the same item will be in the another shop a couple of places down. So you can try a few stalls to get the best price and value for your item. Do be prepared that if you buy alot of things there is little or no-where to sit down with the new goods you have bought.

Personally I liked Chinatown for I loved the buzzing atmosphere and the cheap clothing. It was a very bright and colourful street.I would advise people to see here to enjoy this experience as it is something I definately have not encountered before but in my opinion I wouldn’t spend anymore than half a day here!

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