How Professional Receptionists Are an Important Asset to a Company

Receptionists are like an advertisement for their company and as such should project a professional attitude when dealing with visitors. 

Any client or visitor who call at to the reception will be greeted by the receptionist on duty, therefore it is important that the receptionist should be courteous, helpful and friendly and should give an impression that she is efficient and capable. A neat and tidy appearance is of the utmost important as it will not do to have clients put off by unsuitable hairstyles, extravagant clothes or a lack of hygiene.  Even a receptionist who has been smoking prior to speaking to a visitor can have an unpleasant smell about her, which can be disagreeable. Receptionists who do not take care of their appearance can loose various clients for their company and for this reason, some companies provide their receptionists with uniforms which are smart and attractive. 

When answering the telephone, receptionists must be trained to speak politely as it is very off putting to hear a voice which is rude on the telephone. Receptionists should be patient and have the ability to remain calm with all customers even with the most difficult ones or when faced with angry or rude customers. They must develop different strategies for calming angry clients and for dealing with certain situations. 

Duties requested of receptionists should be carried out efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Telephone calls should be correctly directed to the concerned personfor to have calls wrongly directed can be very frustrating as it can mean loss in business or sales. This also applies to missed calls and messages incorrectly taken. 

An efficient receptionist should be able to remain cool while sorting out problems. It will not do for a receptionist to greet visitors in a frazzled and stressed out state.  Desks or counters are essential furniture in receptions as when the receptionist is asked to provide some information, having a desk between the receptionist and the client will give the impression of giving a personal attention. 

A professional receptionist who has enough charisma to attract clients while being cool in an emergency is an asset to any company and as such should be treasured and valued  by the company employing her.

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