Our brother’s keeper?

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I walk slowly down the streets paved with sadness,

Addicts begging for favors and pleading for change,

Desperation plagues their dark hollow eyes

And their hearts, they are empty and I silently cry.

I see in parks the children that are playing,

Smiles and joy lights up their faces with glee,

Laughter fills the air with song and delight,

Their hearts are full with love and trust in their eyes, I silently cry.

I cry for the lost, the rich and the poor,

Whose hearts have grown bitter and cold,

For what could have been in their life has now long vanished

And left is the empty high of a drug that’s unknown, I silently cry

I pray for the ones who have given up hope,

Hope for a future of love, faith and joy,

I pray for the lonely the sick and the lost,

That someone would take the time to reach out, I silently hope,

I hope for a future, a better tomorrow,

For people who need compassion and care,

I hope bitterness melts with the touch of a heartbeat,

I hope for the families, hurt and forsaken

Their loved ones  among the crowd of forgotten

I pray that light will emerge from the darkness

To light the way to a bridge on the road

A bridge that was given to each of God’s children

A bridge that would cross over  to a new life fortold

I hope for the love that we can give one another,

And lead our neighbour over the bridge to the Cross 

For  are we not really everyone’s brother?


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