Prevent Information Overload In Network Marketing – 3 Tips

Network marketing is basically a lead generation business, that’s it.  All the other things that we do in our network marketing business to get traffic are add-ons.  It’s about building a sales funnel and expanding.  Simple.

But, when we get into all of the “how’s” and “why’s” of generating leads, all of the systems, all of the technical stuff, it gets pretty darn intimidating and scary, as well as incredibly overwhelming. 

We need to break things down and make them simple, we need a simple, repeatable method which we can scale.  Never get distracted by shiny things on the horizon.

That would be tip number one, pick a traffic method and master it.  Do not get distracted and move on to another method until the first one is mastered and making money.  Stay focused.  All traffic methods work but there are intricacies to making it work, subtle details that you’ll miss if you get distracted by trying to do too many things at once.

Tip number two, is create a workable plan.  There is much to do, it’s true, but if you break things down into manageable chunks and keep your head down, you’ll actually get things done and not succumb to “analysis paralysis”. 

Your plan could include, creating article content, publishing web pages, sending out an auto-responder message, tweaking your headline, it could be many different things.  Simply schedule all of them into your plan and get them done gradually, doing one thing at a time, and one thing only.

The third tip is to start small and scale.  In network marketing all you need is one small thing that you can measure, one small thing which gets results.  That’s all you need, it’s very simple.  Now, you need to take that small thing and scale it up.  It could be creating videos, creating articles, creating an email series, whatever it might be.  Simply go create more of it and increase earnings.

Being successful in network marketing is all about staying focused and getting things done gradually.  It takes a little bit a time to get from point A to point B, the trick is not getting distracted by the view on the way.

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