Auto-Responders For Internet Marketers – Increase Conversions Up to 10 Times

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If you’re engaged in internet marketing right now and you’re not using auto-responders, you’re missing out on the lion’s share of cash.  If you’re aren’t capturing leads you will never get a chance to build a relationship, you won’t get a chance to continuously market to people on your list, and your conversion rates drop off a cliff.

Hopefully that’s enough to get all of you affiliate marketers that are not using lead capture forms to invest in this mighty sales and conversion increasing tool.  If you don’t, honestly, you’re probably just not going to make it.  All the pros know about building lists and they do it every day in every vertical.  Their conversions rock and they capture and market to enormous lists of raving fans.

Email marketing increases conversions up to ten times over simply trying to get somebody to click through to your order form and purchase.  Why?  Because with repeated emails you can warm up a prospect, hit their hot buttons; show them the value of your product, and more.  People that find your website and click away without opting-in to get your free report or newsletter will most likely never return to your site, and you’ve lost a golden opportunity to make a sale with them and to make all future sales as well.

The big guys know that the money is in the list.  Sending a prospect to a cold landing page and expecting them to make a decision to purchase right away just isn’t going to work most of the time, in fact a 1 percent conversion rate with this tactic is about the best to hope for.  Many times folks are just surfing, they are not in purchasing mode, our job is to get them into purchasing mode and then send them to the sales page.

Investing in a tool like Aweber or similar email marketing tool is essential for your business, in order to capture leads, create email marketing campaigns, and increase your bottom line dramatically.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small list or a large one, if you treat your list right and provide them with great insights and information, they will buy from you.  Over and over again.

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