Ultimate Web Development Tool: Visual Studio Lightswitch 2010 by Microsoft

The Visual Studio team announced Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch, a new offering in the Visual Studio product family enabling developers of all skill levels and organizational sizes to easily build business applications that target the desktop, cloud and Web. This is the very simplest way to make business applications for the desktop and the cloud, and makes building professional-looking, custom business applications practical and affordable through pre-built templates and tools in a simplified development environment.


LightSwitch dramatically cut the time it takes to build a custom application by automatically handling routine code; it’s a rapid application development tool that offers application shells and screen templates to allow the developer to concentrate on the core business logic. Visual Studio LightSwitch includes pre-built templates and tools in a simplified development environment for building scalable custom business applications that connect with existing applications, legacy systems, and Web services.

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta helps you solve specific business needs by enabling you to quickly create professional-quality business applications, regardless of your development skills. LightSwitch is a new addition to the Visual Studio family. Customers can download the LightSwitch beta on August 23 to start providing feedback and get ready for the final version next year. VS Professional gives you a lot of options for building your application, including being able to build top tier enterprise wide apps. This is very powerful but also presents you with a lot of options to sort out up front as you contemplate your architecture.

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